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Cypress Lawn & Tree Care Provides a Variety of Services To Enhance the Beauty of Your Landscape

Cypress Lawn & Tree Care provides a variety of lawn and tree care services to beautify and maintain your landscape’s health. We offer lawn care programs that include a blend of high-quality fertilizer, disease and weed control, and tree and shrub care. These programs will take care of those unsightly weeds, keep your lawn beautiful and invigorate those trees and shrubs.

Protect Your Colorado Lawn With Our Highly Effective Lawn Care Program

Cypress Lawn & Tree Care has created a Lawn Care Program proven to protect and improve the long term health of your Colorado turf. Our high-quality fertilizer will provide your grass with the nutrients needed to help your lawn thrive while ensuring your landscape retains its beauty for years to come. We also offer aeration services when your grass needs to be rejuvenated, grub control, and a winter lawn mite program to protect your grass from these lawn damaging critters.

Organic Lawn Fertilization Program
We offer a commercial-grade organic lawn fertilization program that provides outstanding results without sacrificing quality. We offer weed control as needed as well as a non-organic synthetic blend. Call Cypress Lawn & Tree Care to learn more.

Fungicide Program
All turf is susceptible to standard lawn care issues such as dry spots, thinning, grubs, and weeds, but grass is also commonly plagued with fungus. When fungus invades your Colorado lawn, a fungicide may be required to neutralize the fungus. At Cypress, we offer and apply a fungicide to the turf to keep it from spreading further. Once the fungus is eradicated, overseeding is often required to help the affected areas recover.

Aeration Program
Compacted soil can happen to even the most well-maintained lawns. Wear and tear from excessive use, foot traffic, or even lawn equipment can create a build-up of thatch causing soil compaction. Soil compaction can obstruct root growth, prevent oxygen, and the much-needed nutrients from getting to your roots.

Aeration involves the process of pulling plugs within the lawn to enable moisture to penetrate deep into the root zone. This will add oxygen and allow strong, healthy roots to thrive. Unlike our competition, at Cypress Lawn & Tree Care, we also hand aerate around the edges, as needed.

Grub Control
Got grubs? During the summer, grubs can set into your turf’s root level, creating dry and dead areas. If this is not treated in a timely manner, serious damage can take place. We have created a program to monitor and keep our customers informed of these outbreaks routinely.

Winter Lawn Mite Program
Does your lawn look yellow and withered? Are there unsightly brown patches that draw attention away from the rest of the yard? Then you might have mites. Due to our dry climate, mites are the number one cause of lawn damage in Colorado. They can cause extensive damage if an infestation is left untreated. Our winter lawn mite program has been proven to protect your turf even in our most dry winters. Contact Cypress Lawn & Tree Care today to find out more about our Lawn Care Program and how it can benefit you!

Give Your Trees TLC With Cypress's Tree and Shrub Care Program

Cypress Lawn & Tree Care offers a comprehensive tree and shrub care program that will protect your trees and shrubs from the various pests we face here in Colorado. Our Deep-Root Fertilization and Winter Deep Root Watering services will help keep your shrubs and trees healthy and hydrated year-round.

Insect Control Program
Insects such as aphids and spider mites can cause your plants, trees, and shrubs to become weak and more susceptible to disease. Our insect control program will help maintain pest populations before stress levels become detrimental to your plants’ health. This will allow your beloved trees and shrubs to thrive.

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB)
A small yet exotic-looking beetle, emerald ash borer is a devastating pest that has killed thousands of ash trees here in Colorado and across the United States. The beetle’s young larvae feed on the critical parts of your ash tree, prohibiting your tree’s ability to transport water and nutrients. Don’t allow this invasive beetle to destroy your ash trees. Our program will protect your ash trees from EAB and Ash/Lilac borer. Contact Cypress Lawn & Tree Care today and start protecting your ash trees now.


IPS Beetle/Mountain Pine Beetle
The IPS beetle is part of a group of bark beetles that infest Colorado pine and spruce trees. Our program will protect and cure your pine and spruce trees of these obnoxious critters. It will also protect your Austrian and Scotch Pines from the Zimmerman moth.

Deep Root Fertilization
Much like your grass, proper fertilization is required to maintain your trees and shrubs’ health while increasing their resistance to injury from diseases and insects. Cypress Lawn & Tree Care offers deep root fertilization injected into your vegetation’s roots to help replenish the root system’s vital nutrients. This subsurface deep root injection will feed the roots of your plants all season long.

Winter Deep Root Watering
Deep root watering of your trees and shrubs is vital to the long-term health of your landscape. When sprinkler systems are turned off during the winter, we must rely on Mother Nature to provide the much-needed moisture to keep our trees’ root systems and shrubs strong and healthy. Cypress Lawn & Tree Care has created a deep root watering program specifically for your Colorado trees and shrubs. It will enable your landscape to pop out of dormancy in the spring in the healthiest state possible.

For the protection and vitality of your trees and shrubs, contact Cypress Lawn & Tree Care today.

Make Weeds a Thing of the Past

Enjoy your weekends again. Cypress Lawn & Tree Care has created a weed control program that will help you maintain a weed-free landscape. Our weed-free program includes the following:

Bed and Border Program
Unwanted weeds within your rock or mulch beds are unsightly. Pre-emergent weed control is beneficial in the spring or fall and will help create a barrier to stop many weed seeds from germinating. At Cypress Lawn & Tree Care, we offer a bed and border program to help maintain the full season’s weeds.

Weed Control Only Program
Weeds are a lawn owner’s worst nightmare! Stop weeds from taking over with our effective weed control program. We eliminate the weeds in your manicured turf or native grass areas without damaging your lawn. We offer a pre-emergent treatment in the spring and/or fall to control broadleaf and noxious weed seeds from germinating.

Contact us now and stop weeds from invading your backyard.

Enhance the Beauty of Your Landscape With Cypress Lawn & Tree Care

Maintain, protect, and enhance the beauty of your lawn with superior lawn care services provided by Cypress Lawn & Tree Care. Give us a call at 303.990.7611 or ​303.408.8152 or contact us here today.

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